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How 3 Silicon Valley Whiz Kids are Saving the Planet

With the climate crisis causing wildfires and record temperatures, this startup is making it easy for people to help save the planet!

Published: March 9, 2022

Last Updated: 4 months ago

Are you aware that you could discover your carbon footprint by using this startup’s free service? In addition, for less than a dollar per day, you can offset your carbon footprint, helping make the planet a greener place.

For a long time, there was no easy way for ordinary people to do things that helped the fight against climate change. Sure, you could recycle and compost, but does that really move the needle compared to all that pollution from big corporations? Lifestyle changes like eating less meat and flying less help too—but they’re hard work, and you still can’t reduce your carbon footprint to zero.

Now, all that is changing. Thanks to this new startup, Wren.co, you can calculate your carbon footprint for free, then offset it in just a few minutes. Wren.co searches the globe for the best climate projects for you to support and offset your carbon footprint. Featured in Wired, Forbes, and the New York Times, Wren.co is one of the fastest growing climate companies—and it finally makes it easy for you to do something about the climate crisis.

What exactly do you need to do? Here’s one easy thing you can do:

You should calculate your carbon footprint. After doing our research, it shocked us how many people don’t understand how much CO2 their lifestyle emits. We couldn’t believe how many people thought their lifestyle was eco-friendly, but caused more environmental harm than they expected. With free services like Wren.co, you can calculate your emissions in only 2 minutes.

People don’t always realise how affordable it is to offset their carbon footprint. If you haven’t looked into it, you might be surprised. Thousands of people use Wren’s service and support projects that plant trees, protect rainforest, and more.

It’s really no wonder that with so many people helping save the planet, Wren is gaining momentum. Wren is an easy to use source that tries to help consumers understand their carbon footprint, then offset it by supporting projects you can trust. Just imagine how your donations could make a difference!

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